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Discover the "Miracle called Bee"
2-Day Apiculture Workshop 12 & 13/2

2-day Apiculture Workshop

12 & 13/2   Sunday, 12/2/2017, 18.00-21.00 Alex. Gkousiaris Speech Bee Museum Opening Ceremony Honey night Monday, 13/2/2017, 17.00-21.00 Alex. Gkousiaris Speech "Two kinds of diseases for the bees result in twelve kinds of  diseases for the hive." Sharing copies of the book "Traditional Aegean Beekeeping"...

Melekouni is traditional energy snack of Rhodes


In the island of Rhodes it's tradition to offer melekounia on weddings or christenings. The relatives and the friends of the bride and the groom are gathered before the wedding and celebrate as they make these delicious, traditional sweets . “Μelekouni” is a healthy sweet...