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Experience the Unique Adventure: Become a Beekeeper for a Day!

Discover the magic of the bee world through an exciting excursion at our beekeeping facility.   Beekeeping Equipment Demonstration : Learn about the tools of the beekeeper, such as hives, frames, smokers, and scrapers.   Get Ready for Action : Suit up in the special protective gear we provide and take a short 150-meter walk (5 minutes) to our beekeeping site, where your adventure begins.   Guidance from an Experienced Beekeeper...

EXTENSION-Bee Museum Photo Contest

EXTENSION – PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 2024-2025   The purpose of the contest is to highlight, through the photographic lens, the relationship between "Bee and Human," promote the #SAVETHEBEES initiative, and preserve and spread the history of Melekouni and Beekeeping.   Organized by the Bee Museum and Melissokomiki Dodecanese.   CONTEST CATEGORIES 1. BEES, HIVES, AND BEEKEEPERS IN THE DODECANESE This category includes photos depicting the life of bees, hives, beekeepers, and their practices.   2. TRADITIONAL...

2-Day Apiculture Workshop 12 & 13/2

2-day Apiculture Workshop

12 & 13/2   Sunday, 12/2/2017, 18.00-21.00 Alex. Gkousiaris Speech Bee Museum Opening Ceremony Honey night Monday, 13/2/2017, 17.00-21.00 Alex. Gkousiaris Speech "Two kinds of diseases for the bees result in twelve kinds of  diseases for the hive." Sharing copies of the book "Traditional Aegean Beekeeping" to the beekeepers ...

Melekouni is traditional energy snack of Rhodes


In the island of Rhodes it's tradition to offer melekounia on weddings or christenings. The relatives and the friends of the bride and the groom are gathered before the wedding and celebrate as they make these delicious, traditional sweets . “Μelekouni” is a healthy sweet which stands out thanks to its great taste and high nutritional value. We use aromatic thyme honey, natural sesame, almonds,...